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Tootal Scarves - Tootal Vintage Scarf Collection

Tootal scarve winter 2009The latest Tootal Vintage Scarf Collection is now available to purchase from us.

The new Tootal Vintage collection consists of the classic paisley scarf and pin dots. Also there are a feather and floral scarf patterns available.

Also there will be Tootal Vintage and Luke 1977 collaboration scarves to come in the near future.

Tootal Vintage was established in 1845, making it one of England's oldest brands. Famous for its polka-dot and paisley silk scarves, they were a popular accessory from the 1920s to the 1950s with the working class. The same scarves re emerged from wardrobes generations later, in the 60s, when the Mods made Tootal scarves fashionable again. With vintage clothing more in style than ever, they have now made another huge comeback, becoming a favourite with celebrities such as Robbie Williams!!!

05 October 2009

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